It’s Electric! The Power of a Dance

I like to see you move with the rhythm; I Like to see when you’re dancing’ from within.
-Bob Marley

So, I guess you are wondering . . . why the electric slide? The electric slide is a group line dance, which is usually performed at celebrations such as weddings, but occasionally a spontaneous line will pop up.  It’s a great community dance because:

#1:  It’s really fun to dance, especially with family and friends.

#2:  It’s contagious.  Sometimes people that witness the dance will usually join in on the fun.

#3:  If you don’t know the electric slide, the other dancers will teach it to you.  It’s a community dance so it is a better experience with a large group . . . the more the merrier!

#4:  If you mess up while performing the electric slide it’s ok . . . as long as you are having a good time!

#5:  It’s a dance for all ages.  If you can walk, then you can participate in the fun.

Here are a few of my favorite examples:

Do you feel inspired to do the electric slide? Invite family and friends to dance with you when you RSVP . . . and make new friends while you participate in the fun! 🙂


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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:    What is a Happening?

Answer:    Happening is an event, which combines different elements of painting, poetry, music, dance & theatre and staged them as a live action.  This type of performance art is usually done in public space and can be a collective act.

Question:    What is a Flash Mob?

Answer:    A flash mob is an event in which a large number of people congregate at a certain place and perform a named activity for a certain amount of time. After completion of the named activity, the participants disperse as if nothing happened.

Question:    Are they the same thing?

Answer:    Well, they can be, but it depends on the event . . . or who you are asking.

Question:    Do you have any examples?

Answer:    Yes, I do.  Here are some examples of my favorite Happenings/Flash Mobs.  These performances demonstrate the energy I would like to create for this event (without the complex choreography).  Enjoy!

Question:      Awwww MAN!!  Do I have to know how to dance to participate in the project?

Answer:    No.  (I can’t dance like that either.)  The Electric Slide is an easy dance.  Anyone can learn it, plus the best thing about the dance is if you mess up . . .  no one will see you.   🙂

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Project Inspiration

The Family Reunion is a Happening inspired by the events which occurred in Grant Park on Election Night. The people in attendance were filled with hope in their hearts for change. Many bonding moments occurred in the park, which unified the group into a community. We entered the park as strangers and left with the same connection of being witnesses to history. I would like to recreated this experience by initiating a Happening in Millennium Park, which would be a gesture commemorating the spirit of this historic moment.

The Cloud Gate in Millennium Park is one of the most photographed landmarks in the United States. It is considered a Chicago icon and attracts visitors from around the world. This location is essential to the performance because the public will witness this symbolic act of unity from Chicago residents while visiting this famous work of art.

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Hello and Welcome to The Family Reunion!

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Family Reunion Project blog.

Project Description:

The Family Reunion Project is a Happening of approximately 100 to 300 people dancing the Electric Slide in Millennium Park at Cloud Gate, also known as “The Bean”, to Stevie Wonder’s song, As (Always). The group should reflect the cultural diversity of Chicago’s population and the participants should be between the ages of ten to seventy years old.

I will stream the Happening live over the Internet on to open up this event to a broader audience. The world was watching the events at Grant Park on Election Night with great enthusiasm. It is my hope this performance will stimulate the same enthusiasm within the Internet viewer and they will feel personally connected to the spirit of this event in Chicago.

The Event will occur on Saturday, October 10th, 2009 at 3:00pm. If you would like to learn the dance there will be free workshops which are open to the public. The Family Reunion Project is a collaboration between local artist Samantha Hill and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

This blog is a forum for ideas, information as well as inspirations connected to this project. Please come back often to experience all of the fun and feel free to leave comments. Thanks!

Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to your participation. ☺

Samantha Hill

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