Frequently Asked Questions

Question:    What is a Happening?

Answer:    Happening is an event, which combines different elements of painting, poetry, music, dance & theatre and staged them as a live action.  This type of performance art is usually done in public space and can be a collective act.

Question:    What is a Flash Mob?

Answer:    A flash mob is an event in which a large number of people congregate at a certain place and perform a named activity for a certain amount of time. After completion of the named activity, the participants disperse as if nothing happened.

Question:    Are they the same thing?

Answer:    Well, they can be, but it depends on the event . . . or who you are asking.

Question:    Do you have any examples?

Answer:    Yes, I do.  Here are some examples of my favorite Happenings/Flash Mobs.  These performances demonstrate the energy I would like to create for this event (without the complex choreography).  Enjoy!

Question:      Awwww MAN!!  Do I have to know how to dance to participate in the project?

Answer:    No.  (I can’t dance like that either.)  The Electric Slide is an easy dance.  Anyone can learn it, plus the best thing about the dance is if you mess up . . .  no one will see you.   🙂


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